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Best Hamstring Exercises

The Best hamstring Exercises You Can Do at Home

The best hamstring exercises for increasing strength and tone usually involve repetitive movements designed to isolate the hamstring muscle and force them to work hard. Increasing the amount of weight and repetition on a muscle causes microscopic tears that will re-grow into stronger muscle. The hamstrings are part of the largest group of muscles in the body, the legs. Specifically the hamstrings work to bend the knees and move the hips, as well as providing strength and stability to the entire core. Increasing the strength and flexibility of the hamstrings will help reduce injury and protect the back during heavy lifting. It will also improve your ability to run, jump, swim, climb and lift. Exercise and strength training can easily be performed at home with quality results.

The hamstring muscle is found on the back of the leg from the knees to the butt. It is composed of three main muscles: the semitendionsus, the semimembranosus and the biceps femoris. Determining the best hamstring exercises for you depends on how you are looking to improve your hamstring muscles. A gym membership is not required. Some the best hamstring exercises can easily be performed at home. The most important factor of these types of exercises is correct form and proper conditioning. Always remember to stretch before any workout, breathe properly during the exercise and build-up your muscles on an appropriate schedule to avoid soreness and injury. Listed here are some of the best hamstring exercises that you can do to increase both strength and tone in the comfort of your home.

One of the simplest and most effect hamstring exercises is referred to as kickbacks or kickups. This involves a starting position on the hands and knees, with the back straight. To begin, raise one leg straight back and up with the knee bent at a 90 degree angle. Raise the leg as high as you can go, then slowly bring it back down. Several sets of these will produce some serious burning in the hamstrings.

Using an inflatable exercise ball to strength the hamstrings is also very effective. One quality exercise you can do with a ball that targets the hamstrings involves lying flat on your back with both arms outstretched for stability. Place both heels up on the very top of ball so that your hips are up off of the floor. Now roll your heels downward along the ball while pushing the hips upward. Slowly return to the staring position. Several repetitions of this exercise will get the job done. To increase the difficulty of this exercise, start with only one heel on the top of the ball and the other leg up and straight as high as you can go. Keep your body in the same position, arms outstretched and hips up. Then roll the ball towards you with your foot as far as you can and keeping one leg elevated. Slowly return to the starting position by rolling the ball back until your heel is at the top again. This will really burn the hamstrings if it is done correctly.

Even small amounts of weight can really help strengthen and tone those hamstrings. Anything can be used as a weight. Using a ledge to start from, stand straight and slowly lift one leg with a weight around the ankle up and at a 90 degree angle. Repeat this several times with both legs and gradually increase the weight. Another quality exercise involves standing straight, legs about shoulder width apart and feet steady. Hold a weight in your hands and very slowly bend at the waist, keeping your legs and back straight until the weight touches the ground. Then slowly lift up until you are standing again.

Exercise and weight training of specific muscles like the hamstrings will improve your overall health, body condition and keep you looking great!


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