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Glut Exercises

Top Butt Kicking Glut Exercises You Can Do At Home

If you’re starting to get ready for bikini season and you want to kick your posterior into shape, then it is a good time to retool your glut exercises.  A good glut exercise can really make the difference between wearing that new bikini and spending the summer with your towel permanently wrapped around your waist. 

If, however, it has been a particularly taxing winter, or if, given the state of the economy, you just don’t have the money to spend on your gym membership, then you might not be up to going to the gym.  That’s okay; here are the top butt fat-kicking glut exercises you can do in the privacy of your own home.

  1. Doggy Back Kick:  With your hands solidly placed on the ground beneath you as if you were going to do a handstand, put your knees together on the ground as well.  You should now be like a coffee table, back straight so that someone could put a tray on you and have a meal.  Now, push your left foot back as far as it will go, pointing your toes and then once you’ve reach your maximum extension, lift your leg until it is as close to level with your back as possible.  Try to hold this position for thirty seconds, counting off by squeezing your butt muscles once every second.  Return to the beginning position and then do the same motion with your other leg.  Repeat at least five times for each leg.

  2. Doggy Side Lift:  Similar to the Doggy Back Kick, you get down on all fours again, with your hands firmly planted, back straight, and knees together on the ground.  This time, however, instead of stretching your leg into a straightened position, you’re going to leave it bent while you try to raise your knee to the side.  The goal, which you will probably not be able to achieve, is to get your knee level with your back.  Get as close as you can and try to hold it for a thirty count.  Squeeze your butt muscles with each beat then return to your starting position and begin again with the other leg.  Try to do at least five repetitions for each leg.

  3. Glut Walk:  A vigorous walk can be a welcome change from the usual glut exercises.  You can increase your butt fat-burning efficiency by going up hills, keeping a good pace and periodically flexing your butt as you go.  It’s a great way to convert some vitamin D, get some fresh air, and burn butt fat all at once.  Be sure, however, to keep up your pace; this is not a leisurely stroll for you and grandma; this is for exercise.  You should definitely feel your heart-rate increase and break a good sweat.

  4.  Reverse Standing Butt-Kick: Wrap ankle weights around your ankles.  Standing straight, brace yourself on the kitchen counter or another piece of furniture that let’s you easily remain standing.  Now curl your foot slowly back towards your butt, trying to actually touch it with your weighted foot.  Get as close as you can, then try to hold the position for a thirty count while doing butt squeezes to emphasize each count.  Return to starting position; then repeat with the other leg.  Try for five repetitions with each, at least.

  5. The Always Faithful Squat:  Of all the glut exercises, you cannot replace the ever-faithful squat.  Start from an upright position.  Then, bending your knees, try keeping your back straight while you lower yourself down.  When you reach the halfway point when you are at the position where you would be sitting down (knees at 90 degrees from legs), stop and try to hold this position for a thirty count while flexing your butt muscles for emphasis.  Try to repeat this exercise five times.

Armed with these exercises you are sure to be able to self-confidently hit the beaches when summer comes around.


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