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Scoliosis Exercises

Helpful Scoliosis Exercises

Many people question if participating in scoliosis exercises is effective or not.  Some say that there is little evidence that proves that the exercises work, however, most experts agree that they can slow down the progressive rate of the spinal curvature.  Also, these exercises can help a bit in reducing how angled the curve is.

Stretching scoliosis exercises increase the spine's mobility and improve posture and muscle tone.  The idea is to exert a correct amount of force to the spine in the opposite direction of the curve.

Leg And Arm Extensions

To perform these scoliosis exercises, you will begin with your hips directly over a stability ball.  Extend your left hand toward the ceiling at the same time as raising your right leg up.  You will hold this position for a count of three before repeating it on the opposite side.  You will want to do a set of 10 and then repeat this set a total of 2 more times, taking a 1 minute break in between each set.

Back Extension

You will begin this exercise laying on the ball, stomach down, with your knees touching the mat.  Be sure that you are leaning over the ball in a relaxed position.  Now you will raise yourself until you feel like your back is parallel to the ball.  Your arms and hands should be raised straight in front of you.  Stay in this position and count to five.  Repeat 10 times.

Upright Row

You will begin this segment of scoliosis exercises in a standing position.  Your arms should be hanging at your sides with palms facing your legs, holding onto light weights in each hand.  Slowly pull your arms directly up your body in a straight motion until your elbows reach a point that is just a bit higher than your hands.  Release your arms back down in a controlled motion.  Repeat this exercise 10 times, rest for around 1 minute and then repeat 2 more sets of 10.

Bent-over Raise

The next three sets of scoliosis exercises you will come back down to your ball.  Begin by sitting on top of the ball and bend completely over so that you form a flat table-like surface with your back.  Pick the weights up in both hands and slowly raise your arms straight out to the side while your body remains folded over.  Be sure that you are not simply swinging your arms.  Use a controlled movement until your arms end in a position that is parallel to the ground and then lower slowly back down.  Repeat 10 times, rest for 1 minute and then complete 2 more sets of 10.

Standing Raise

The standing raise is almost identical to the Bent-over Raise except that you perform it from a standing position.  Bend your body in half to form a table that is parallel to the floor and keep your back straight at all times.  Raise your arms the way you did before out to the sides.  These three sets of scoliosis exercises are a bit more challenging so if you feel that you need to eliminate the weights to complete three full sets, you can.  Perhaps you can work your way up slowly by completing one set with weights one day, then two sets with weights the next day and so on.

Be sure to listen to your body when completing all exercises.  If something hurts, check your alignment and be sure you are positioned correctly.  If the weights make it too challenging, eliminate them and work up to that point.  If you can't start out with as many repetitions you can start out performing less and add one a few extra reps everyday as your body becomes stronger.


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