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Stomach Tightening Exercises

Effective Stomach Tightening Exercises

Unfortunately, your waistline is not going to trim itself so you need to help it along with quality stomach tightening exercises.  Your stomach is made up of upper and lower abdominal muscles so when you are aiming to tighten up, you have to work both parts.  Keep in mind that no amount of stomach tightening exercises will make you lose weight.  The only way that you are going to lose any fat on your stomach is by adding cardiovascular exercises to your routine.

Pelvic Tilts

Not only does this exercise tighten up your stomach muscles, it is also very effective at correcting postural problem that causes lower back pain.  Lie on your mat on your back, feet flat on the floor and knees bent.  Flatten your back onto the mat as your raise your pelvis up.  Fully contract your abdominal muscles.  Release and repeat 15 times.

Seated Ab Contractions

These stomach tightening exercises require no range of motion at all and can easily be done at any time during the day.  You will sit in an upright position, seated in a chair.  Squeeze your abdominal muscles as hard as you can and release.  You can do this while you’re driving, watching television or standing in the grocery store line.  Try to get in the habit of doing this as often as your can.


Of all of the stomach tightening exercises available, these are by far the most popular.  You will begin by lying down on your back, knees bent, with your feet about hip width apart and flat on the floor.  Your arms will be folded across your chest while you raise your shoulders approximately six inches up off of the ground.  Be sure to contract your abdominal muscles for at least one second, then lower yourself down and repeat 15 times.

Flutter Kicks

To perform flutter kicks you will lie flat on your back on your mat and position your hands underneath your tailbone.  Lift your right leg straight up in the air so that your toes are facing the ceiling.  As you lift your left leg to the same position you will lower your right leg down almost to the ground.  Perform this continuous scissor movement 15 times on each leg.

Leg Raises

These stomach tightening exercises focus on your lower abdominal.  Lie on your back with your hands under your tailbone you did when your performed the Flutter Kicks.  Keeping your hands placed here will take pressure off of your spine.  You will lift both of your legs off the floor together about six inches.  This position is your starting point.  Next you will lift your legs simultaneously until the bottoms of your feet are parallel with the ceiling.  Lower back down to your starting point that is six inches off the floor and repeat 15 times.  Be sure that you remain in control of this movement and do not swing your legs.

Plank Lifts

This is an extremely effective exercise to stabilize all of your core muscles.  Position yourself in a face-down position with your weight placed on your toes and forearms.  Spread your feet about hip width apart, dropping your hips downward towards the ground.  Reverse this movement so that your hips are then at an angle toward the ceiling.  Lower back down your hips and repeat.  Be sure to use your abdominal muscles when performing these stomach tightening exercises, not your buttocks or your legs.

Side Plank

This variation of the plank targets the obliques and as a bonus you will feel it in your inner thighs and buttocks too.  Lie on your side on the floor keeping your legs straight and your hips stacked.  Prop yourself up on your forearm and then lift your hips so that only your foot and your forearm are touching the floor.  Repeat 10 times and then change sides.


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